Shopping in Halong

Shopping in Halong provides tourists with plenty of items to take back home, for their near and dear ones. The charming city of Halong in Vietnam sells all that is typically Vietnamese, from silk fabrics to ceramic sets to jewelry. Shopping in Halong gives a visual treat into the richness of handicrafts of Vietnam, which is popular throughout the world.

Vietnam is famous in the world for the items made of silk. The shops in Halong store all kinds of silk items. From traditional national costumes, silk shirts to raw silk, tourists can splurge on the silk products. Other then silk, one can also buy the locally made items, which differentiates Halong from other cities of Vietnam.

Items like lacquer painting, conical hats, embroidery, reed mats, mother-of-pearl ornaments and wooden furniture are worth buying. The shops in the city are open from 8 in the morning and closes around 5 in the evening. Visitors in Halong can spend a full day shopping in the various streets or markets in the city.

Given below are some of the well-known markets in the city, ideal for going on a Halong shopping spree. Halong Shopping is part of the wonderful Halong Tours.

# Night Market at Bai Chay:
Tourists can buy various interesting stuffs like chopsticks, laquerware and trinkets from this market. These items are perfect souvenirs for the family back home. The shops are actually open to air stalls, which sits during the nighttime and attracts tourists with traditional handicrafts.
# Floating Markets:
The Halong Bay has wonderful little boats selling food items and other supermarket stuff. Tourists are attracted towards these floating markets, where vendors sit on the boats and move along the bay selling everything under the sun. The prices are definitely low than what one pay in the supermarket. Some boast in this special floating market also sell foodstuff. The best part is that you can get it cooked and enjoy the food then and there.